Time for Change ....

If you know me well ; you know that me and the boyfriend will be making a year very soon ! Im excited :) My longest relationship without any breaks ; or time apart. Great feeling of accomplishment ; considering if you know me thats a big deal ....LOL. We have gotten real serious ...to the point where we have been planning move in together. I am a huge advocate of living with someone before marriage. I think its a great way in seeing what your getting yourself into before you really tie the knot. I see a future ; a marriage with him in the long run ....like in 3 years or so. But before that even comes into play I want to live with him for a while ; because all changes when you live with someone. You see sides you have never seen. All people have little pet peeves know one would really know about unless you live with them ....such as for me - I hate eating in rooms other than the dining room; I hate when the toilet seat is up or the toothpaste is not closed. I cannot stand a mess ....dishes need to be cleaned asap once you are doing eating. Lol. But yeahh - I know he has some too ; and it would just be real interesting to see how we would manage eachothers dislikes. We do once in a while have "sleepovers" where he will come spend the night with me or I will sleep with him at his house ....but it's just not the same as saying this is OUR place ,you know? I am looking forward to making it ours and putting both of our interest & colors into the decocartion/ furnishing process. I want something simple & grown up. Nothing like my room now that is. Lol. SO soon enough I know I will be blogging about our moving in process && the hits & misses of it all. Lol. Stay tuned ;)

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