Nailene So Natrual ....

Everyday ; natural look. For Busy active lifestyles....24 nails/ 12 sizes. Glue included. * My Opinion : I LOVE THEM. They deff are everything they say they are. They look super natural as if I did them at the salon. I work with kids, wash dishes, clean, cook, do my hair , shower two sometimes three times a day -- & these STAY on & Do NOT chip at alll. They are amazing. I have been missing my longer acrylic nails - but did not want to ruin my real nails and spend mad money on it. But Nailene just made my days a bit sweeter <3

* Best part - They were like $6 dollars & it took me about 10minutes to do them.

Go get yours now ; will be something I keep on buying - for sure.

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