Be the change you want to see in the World ♥

Im changing the world one day/person at a time... What are you doing?
Dont be a waste of space on this earth ; please. We have enough of those kind of people already. Learn what your calling is ; or see what it is you can do to help others around you & do just that.

Teaching is a work of heart! Pictures, Images and Photos

I found out that my calling is to teach people. I enjoy it ..very much. I love being the reason these children are inspired to do more with themselves, the reason they know all these cool science/history facts. I am always trying to teach something new to someone , even if its not my kids. Someone will randomly speak about something & I will jump up and expand on the topic , and say all I know about it. Its funny because many people that truly know me tell me I am a walking dictionary/thesaurus/encyclopedia all in one. Lol. I correct people all the time ; by mistake. I dont do it purposely as a way to show you are wrong ; but more so just so you dont make the same mistake over and over talking to others. ( I feel like I'm getting off topic now...)

Writing Pictures, Images and Photos

I like to motivate also ; through experience. Many of my friends have told me I am the best listener ; and the best person to go to for advice...and I guess its because I have been through hell & back. I have faced many many obstacles ; that it is hard for me to not relate to someones story or issues when they come to me. Through my experiences I learned how to deal with many many things ....So I am glad all the hurt and pain came in handy somehow. I use all of my hardships as inspiration. My writing will one day impact the lives of many out there. Hopefully even when I am long gone. Words are a beautiful gift from the heart that you can use to water the soul of a lonely or broken person. Use them carefully and you can make huge differences.

I am making a difference now; and will keep making differences by the day.
What will you be doing ?
Take action now; and be the gift God wants in this world.

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