Self Love ♥

sometimes when entering a relationship, whether it is a friendship or dating, people tend to forget about themselves and put the other person(s) first. its a good attribute not to be a selfish person but you also cant be selfless. its not healthy to concern yourself with someone else to the point that you forget about you. i am guilty of this and many people i know are guilty of the same thing. over the years i have learned to focus on me more, i think it has to deal with age and self love. as you get older and grow into your own you are no longer worried about what other people are thinking of you so you are no longer trying to please them. when you stop focusing on pleasing other people then you can focus on you and loving yourself. self love is something that takes time. it is a process and unless you love yourself one hundred percent you can never be happy. you cant make someone else happy if you are not happy. unhappy people succumb to low antics.

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