my pretty pink box..

So I received my pretty pink box about a little more than a week after I had purchased it online. It is a box where you can get samples on beauty things to try out. I expected a lot more; a bit more of a bigger box ....but ehh. Lol. It was 8.99 so I guess it was somewhat worth it.

So I got a goats milk soap called : Falling in Love. I have been using it everyday since I got it . The smell is amazing . I guess the name fits it well ; because I am addicted. Its from Mea Culpa Bath & Body shop. You can find her stuff on : http://Meaculpabodyandbath.etsy.com

Next was Revlon Fantasy Length Intensifying 91002 Lashes. I have not tried these out just yet. I have long lashes already natrually so I never wear falsies...but one day I guess it will be fun to try something new.

This is an Aloe Vera Facial Mask. It is said to help heal over worked skin. Have not tried it yet ; but certainly something I will post about once I find out the effects of it. It is from myfaceworks. They have there own site for you to check out : myfaceworks.com

By far my favorite product in the box ! The lip delivery nutrition chap balm. Certified organic. From stormsister.biz --- This is amazing. It feels great on my lips && great for dryness of the lips. I put it on before I add my lipgloss. Great minty feeling !!

I also got a sample of some perfume from Cherry City. I wasent so much of a fan of the scent though ; but maybe its just the scent I receieved. * Pizelle. It was too sweet for me.

If you would like to receive your own pretty pink box ; they have them available every month - new goodies all the time.


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