First we was friends, then became lovers. ♡

Happy Anni to me & the boo ...
Cheers to 8months of no fights about twitter; facebook; etc.
Cheers to 8months of no breaks or breakups.
Cheers to 8months of no name calling or put downs.
Cheers to 8months of being able to just be ourselves no matter what.
Cheers to 8months of telling eachother everything & anything with ZERO drama.
Cheers to 8months of no controlling each others lives.
Cheers to 8months of pure happiness ♥

Many people keep saying I'm living in a fairytale ; that soon my relationship will turn sour. Maybe it will someday ; but right now I'm living in my perfect relationship - the one I have been wanting for ever. I found my prince charming :)

Thankyou baby for being what every other boy couldn't be - a REAL MAN !

He has a little something planned out for tommorow ; & im excited - little does he know I got something up my sleeve too :) mwahaha.

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yooitzkc said...

Congrats! Love is a beautiful thing<3