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I must admit ; I have became a real slacker when it comes to praying. There are many nights im way too tired to even pray. I try my best on the next day to pray in the morning when I wake - even if its just a quick thankyou Lords for another day today. It is hard to keep in your schedule - but it is not a good enough reason. So I found a easier way to get it done ; & remind me of what I must do.

I found this beautiful journal one weekend when I went to Barnes & Noble with my family. I loved it ; not only because it has a beautiful prayer that I LOVE. But the picture on it & colors are so soothing & relaxing.

I write in here while I am on the train everyday going to work. I write basically everything that comes to mind that I want to pray about - from things going on with me; my family; friends; and friends of friends that I want to keep in my prayers every day.

So it is a faster way to be able to pray once night comes. I can look through my prayer journal and just emphasize to God what it is I wrote in it & why I want that prayer to be taken into consideration by him. Lol.

I basically have a journal for just about everything ; prayer journal - devotional journal- poetry journal- work journal- dream journal - bible study journal - monthly event journals - song lyric journal ETC. I guess I just find it as a way of being extremely organized. Lol.

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Bond Girl said...

"Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient." - Aristotle

Where do you go when the day goes down hill, you're late for work, you just need a pick me up?

What are your Happy Places? Nine photos that make you smile. People, places, shoes?

I tagged you in a post (no pressure) -- just interested to see what your answers are.


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