Hi; My name is Jessica & I am an Impulsive Shopper.

I used to be a shop-a-holic. Okay ; maybe I am still - just a little bit. I feel such a rush when I swipe that card & just spoil myself with new things. I admit I sometimes do buy things I know I dont really need. But im trying my best lately to really put my money on check ; and use it wisely. I record all that I buy to keep tabs on how much I have been spending. Its hard - not to just spend it all at once ; as badly as I want. But I am saving for things I need ; not just want. Which I guess is why I have become a HUGE ebay addict. Lol. I even had to get the APP for my phone ; to have it on the go =/. I bought myself 6 new books to read in less than a week. I cant help it though I got each one for about 3 dollars ; when there being sold for about $15 dollars each at a barnes and noble. So to me ; it was a smart investment. Lol. I watched the movie " confessions of a shop-a-holic " with my mommy not that long ago & she was laughing because she said she sounded like me. That is horrible.
Im getting better with it ; day by day... I think. Lol. But hey atleast its my hard earned money & not someone elses I am splurging right ? :]

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