Miss Independent !

Im having a situation ; which I cant seem to figure out if its a good or bad thing. I have been with the boyfriend for 8 months now ...its been wonderful. Thing is .... I love myself more than I will ever love a man again. I love my me - time aka I am far from clingy. I would much rather converse on the phone ; than spend every single day with him. I love the shit out of him ; dont get me wrong. Im just not that type of girl. I want to breathe & live my own life. I feel many females lose themselves in relationships. They fall so deep inlove that everything is my boyfriend this my boyfriend that. I have been there done that ; and realized its not the way to go. Because either 1. you get hurt ; and then look like a complete fool at the end of the day for loving the loser. or 2. you suffocate the person with your love ; that they get to that point where they are SICK and tired of you; and you start to fight day in; day out. Lol. * Trials & Tribulations.

I am very super duper independent too. Maybe a little too much. My last boyfriend had an issue with that. He did not like the fact that though he had a car ; I still wanted to troop it on the train to his house ....just because I didnt want to depend on him. Im always the female that after were done eating ; I am going into my purse to put in money ; or grab the check & say "I got this". Why? Because I never want to show a man that I "NEED" them. It is great to have a man that wants to give you everything he has to offer ; dont get me wrong my boyfriend wines & dines me and I let him sometimes .....but many times I do put up a fight. Lol. I want you ; I love you ...but I dont need you. Thats my theory.

I love doing things on my own without the help of others because I feel the accomplishment feels better. I like to show that I am capable of doing it on my own; and I am a strong enough woman to face it all ; on my very own.

It may sound like a bad thing to some ; but the ones who know me well - handle it well & find it to be a good thing. So I guess thats all that matters.

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