* Another Fave Star Couple..

Mariah & Nick.

I love them together. Seperately ; eh. Lol. I have been a Mariah Carey fan since I was like 8 years old. She was the first english artist I listened to ; & sang her songs around the house , performed them to my family and all that. I still love her as an artist ; because she knows exactly what she is doing. Many people say that ever since she got married she lost her talent for entertainment. WELL - shes married - shes busy being a wife , and you cant blame her ; shes been waiting for this fairytale forever & now she has it. Many say why Nick ? He may be one of the LAMEST entertainers I know of ; but he makes her happy & its SO SO clear that he loves the shit out of her. The tatt speaks for itself. Lol. Many say Nick is using her for promotion ; to get himself back out there ; to be in the spotlight .....I think thats bullshit - they have been married for almost 3 years now & you rarely ever see them out in the spotlight flaunting there marriage. You can tell he does not care much about the fame anymore ; he is for his wife & for that only. They are beautiful & it sucks that people are too busy hating to realize that this is what a real/healthy relationship looks like. They dont have to put there life out there ; they are happy just being them and being with eachother.

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